Psychic Feeling
(Emotions and Energy)

Psychic Seeing

Psychic Hearing

Psychic Knowing

Psychic Smelling

Psychic Tasting

What is ESP?

A helpful way to understand ESP

or the psychic sense is to break it down into its component parts
—the “clairs.”

Extra Sensory Perception

We all have it.  We all use it.  It's an innate part of being human.

Nagging Sense --> Hunch --> Gut Instinct --> Intuition --> Healthy Psychic Sense

The ESP Continuum

A continuum of varying abilities, where occasional hunches are at the early stages of development. Increased ESP ability results from training and practice. 

Everyone has ESP—it’s a natural, normal human instinct.  It is not a “power” or a “gift,” as
popular television shows suggest.  It’s an inherent ability, a learned skill that can be integrated into your everyday life. 

Everyone can improve it.  Like any skill, it just takes learning how to develop and use it.

Conrad Hilton, Founder of Hilton Hotels
Conrad Hilton used his "Connie's hunches" to be successful in business

I’ve been accused more than once of playing hunches. Since I suppose I do and it sounds so mysterious, a little like following a Ouija board or gazing into a crystal ball, and since I further believe most people have them, whether they follow them or not, I’ve tried to figure out what’s in a hunch.  I think the other name for hunch is intuition…”

                                                                       Be My Guest, by Conrad Hilton, 1957a, P. 196

Invariably, when I shift the terminology from psychic to “hunch” or “gut instinct,” most people can recount intuitive or psychic experiences.  You probably have had an immediate feeling upon walking into a room.  Or perhaps you’ve gotten the feeling that if you turned your car to the right, you would find a parking space.  Maybe there was a time when you had intuition about something happening to a loved one.  All of these examples are attributed to the psychic sense.  We regularly draw upon it, usually without recognizing that we are.
                                                          The Psychic Workbook, page 7, by Karen Fox