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Karen Fox

Karen is an author and educator who draws upon an extensive background in teaching, curriculum development, hypnotherapy, dreamwork, bodywork, sociology, psychotherapy, & transpersonal studies.  Founder, Aspen Program for Psychic Development that was based in Denver, Colorado.  She lived there for over 16 years where she was a professional psychic, medium, and medical intuitive.

Individual mentoring of your ESP, your psychic sense for all skill levels, from newbies to professionals.  From a seasoned psychic and educator.

Develop the full capacity of your mind!

Strengthen your natural abilities
so you can get guidance from
your inner voice.
ESP training should be included in K-12 & higher education!
I took many college classes that taught me how to collect and analyze business data.  In addition to using their rational thinking, scientists, physicians, business professionals, and my professor all viewed input from the psychic sense as a vital part of success.   But why isn’t it being taught at all levels of education?   Psychic ability is a learned skill.  It’s time to learn how to use it more effectively.   We naturally use it anyway, so why not improve this skill?

                                  The Psychic Workbook, page 203, by Karen Fox

It's time to take the woo-woo out of ESP, your psychic sense!

One-time session to address specific issues/experiences or on-going mentoring at intervals that suit you.

The Psychic Workbook & the 90-Day Cardset used for on-going mentoring. 

Workbook and instructional cardset are the core curriculum of The Aspen Program

Sessions on the phone or Skype