About karen fox

Karen lived in Colorado for over 16 years where she was a professional psychic, medium, and medical intuitive.  In 2010, she established the Aspen Program for Psychic Development.  After teaching students in the classroom, she returned to Virginia in 2015 to care for her parents.

I was in the last semester of my undergraduate degree in business at George Mason University.  One day,
the professor told the class that you have now learned how to use all kinds of methods for collecting data to make good business decisions. And someday, you will have experience that you can rely on as well.  But sometimes you have to set that aside, and go with your gut instinct—even when it goes against the data and your experience.  I knew what that meant.  He may have been more comfortable using the term “gut instinct,” but that’s the same as intuition and the psychic sense.
            The Psychic Workbook, page 203, by Karen Fox

I flipped on the television one day and happened to see an old commercial with Miss Cleo promoting a psychic phone line.  When the commercial ended, the news anchor asked an “expert” whether psychic ability existed.   I don’t recall what field the expert was in, but I think he was a psychologist.  He replied by saying that the idea that someone could be psychic is magical thinking. 

Psychics are often the subject of skeptics. Unfortunately, many skeptics lack the intellectual curiosity necessary to be intelligently skeptical.  The debunking of psychic claims often arises out of an individual’s belief system, rather than any specific intellectual inquiry or personal experience the skeptic may have had.
Psychic abilities are present in people in differing degrees, and some individuals seem to develop their abilities more readily than others.  It may be that those who debunk things psychic simply have the least inherent or developed abilities.  If they are sufficiently curious, I think debunkers can improve their psychic skills to some extent.
The problem with debunkers and others who haven’t adequately investigated the psychic sense, or haven’t been educated to develop it, is they fuel a belief in our culture that things psychic are silly.  But wellknown, credible people claim to use this sense.

The Psychic Workbook, page 203, by Karen Fox

The Aspen Program

For six years, 1000+ students took at least one class, and 112 students achieved 189 certificates.  Faculty over the six years included 21 teachers and 25 Aspen Coaches (coaches are graduates who received coach training and provided individual mentoring during & outside of class to students–some have set-up their own training in Denver).

Are you intellectually curious?

Barbara McClintock
Cell Geneticst, Nobel Laureate, Mother of Epigenetics
“When you suddenly see the problem, something happens that you have the answer—before you are able to put it into words.  It is all done subconsciously.   This has happened too many times to me, and I know when to take it seriously.  I’m so absolutely sure.  I don’t talk about it, I don’t have to tell anybody about it, I’m just sure this is it."  McClintock referred to this as her intuition.
                 A Feeling for the Organism: The Life and Work of 
                     Barbara McClintock, by Evelyn Fox Keller, p. 103


Intuition is one piece of the mind puzzle.  Use all the pieces of your mind.